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Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine March / April 2010

“I like to use power carving to start and then mostly hand tools. There is something therapeutic 
about putting a knife to a piece of wood. I paint with acrylics and practice with oils 
(lots of practice).

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Wildfowl Carving Magazine Competition 2004

Ross Smoker’s dad, Richard, was a career woodshop teacher, wildfowl hunter, and decoy maker; and the same is true of Ross. Although Ross lives in Selinsgrove some five hours away from his brother
who lives in Maryland,...

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Daily Item Newspaper 1985

SELINSGROVE - Ross Smoker sits hunched over the table in his cluttered workshop scratching a piece of wood with a knife.
  A closer look reveals he is carving the head of a duck.

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Wildfowl Carving Magazine Fall 2010

 Ask Rich and Ross Smoker about their carving careers and each will start at the same place - their dad, Dick Smoker.

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Scrapbook -
Included here are a few of the newspaper and magazine articles written about me and my carving. To read more of any article, click on the page image, the article title, or the text below. New articles will be posted, so please check back. You can also read more by visiting my weblog (smokerdecoys.blogspot.com).http://smokerdecoys.blogspot.comshapeimage_18_link_0
Daily Item Newspaper 2007

Mr. Smoker has served as a decoy judge on the world level at the World Carving Competition in Ocean City, Md. He has been decoy carving for 25 years and teaching for 10 years.

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Daily Item Newspaper
June 2014

If you can peel a potato, you can carve a duck - words to live by for bird decoy makers and wisdom from Ross Smoker’s dad. Now about 40 years into his own bird decoy carving career, Smoker is competing at a world level against people from the other side of the planet.

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